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Kenshoo Launches Kenshoo UK to Provide Technology Solutions for the European Paid Search Industry

Kenshoo Ltd, a SEM technology leader backed by Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance has opened a subsidiary company in Europe to provide local support for its European clients.

London, April 30, 2008 – Kenshoo Ltd, a Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance backed company and the leading provider of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technologies, announced today the establishment of Kenshoo UK. The subsidiary will manage Kenshoo’s business and customer care in the United Kingdom and Europe, and will serve as its base of European operations to take advantage of the rapid growth in the European paid search advertising market.

Kenshoo’s flagship product, KENSHOO SEARCH™, is a holistic end-to-end SEM platform, which automates the labor intensive processes of building and optimizing cross channel search campaigns. KENSHOO SEARCH is based on the Quality Management™ approach that recognizes a SEM campaign as a complex organism with interactive parameters. It is the only platform that optimizes across all the parameters automatically and simultaneously, thus maximizing quality score to make SEM campaigns simple and effective.

Mike Chowney, the former European CEO of NeoSearch@Ogilvy, has joined Kenshoo UK and will serve as the company’s Managing Director. “After seeing all existing SEM technologies on the market, I was thrilled by Kenshoo’s refreshingly new approach of automation and advanced unique features that enable advertisers to enhance their paid search campaigns to a much greater level than that offered by competing technologies. In addition, KENSHOO SEARCH offers dramatic improvements in efficiency to agencies and clients alike, due to its clear and logical automation of almost all of the labor intensive processes involved in running effective paid search campaigns.” says Chowney

Brent Hoberman, founder of and current Kenshoo advisory board member, was also enthusiastic about the UK launch. “I joined Kenshoo because this great team of professionals delivers end-to-end SEM Quality Management technology. KENSHOO SEARCH is a proven solution implemented with a wide variety of advertisers and agencies worldwide. Based on my previous ventures, I can look back and see why Kenshoo is such a necessity with its time saving features. Additionally, the Quality Management™ maximizes each budget to give advertisers and agencies leverage over the competition, this is why I’m sure that our European operation will be a great success.”

Yoav Izhar-Prato, CEO and co-founder of Kenshoo, adds: “From the start Kenshoo saw the UK and Europe as one of its key markets. This move was natural and shows our commitment to our partners and clients. With Mike and Brent at the helm – This cruise will certainly be well navigated and enjoyable!” Kenshoo UK’s office is located in central London. Plans for a U.S. office are already underway according to Kenshoo’s expansion strategy; the U.S. operation will open during Q2 of this year.
About Kenshoo Ltd.
Kenshoo is a provider of end-to-end search marketing automated technology for advertisers and agencies worldwide. The company’s flagship product KENSHOO SEARCH provides automated Quality Management for cross- platform search campaigns. Kenshoo’s unique technology and approach enables advertisers and agencies worldwide to reach high volumes, optimize campaigns and to boost ROI.