Kenshoo Integrates with CitrusAd’s open API to Expand Global Retail Media Offering!

Chennai, India, November 12, eShakti, an international fashion apparel company that makes affordable custom clothing for women, released results that demonstrate it has significantly improved its search and social advertising performance across global campaigns after implementing the Kenshoo Infinity Suite.

The company announced that by deploying technology from Kenshoo it has increased its social advertising conversions by nearly four-fold, and secured a 70% improvement gain in search advertising conversions, while lowering its search cost per conversion (CPA) by nearly 40%.

Based out of the US and India, the retailer is number one in women’s customized fashion in the US, and was nominated by as one of the “Best of the Web – Internet Retailer Hot 100”. The company has also been featured in Vogue, Glamour, WSJ, and more, and it has been voted one of the leading retail e-commerce websites on the NBC TV show New York Live.

The company’s rapid growth necessitated a move beyond legacy online advertising methods to deploying new, more agile methods to reach and acquire customers. With its customers spending much of their time on Facebook, eShakti wanted to ensure its offering was visible and streamlined on social destinations as well as the most dominant online advertising sites.

The retailer was looking for a solution to help increase time savings on dynamic ad creation, decrease its cost per acquisition and increase conversions. eShakti set some aggressive primary and secondary goals including reducing the customer acquisition costs by 30% and increasing conversions by 105%.

It turned to the Kenshoo Infinity Suite to increase flexibility and create a more automated and efficient way to increase consumer conversions and engagement in the search and social arena.

Within two months eShakti saw triple-digit performance improvements on social and double-digit growth on search, with these results improving during the course of the program.

In social, conversions improved by 392% in the first month of the program. This was 287% more than the aggressive goal set by the company in the planning phase. Social ROI also increased 186%, which boosted revenue by an impressive 148%.

In search, conversions increased 70% with the CPA decreasing by 39%. Overall ROI increased by 72% due to Kenshoo’s approach to portfolio optimization, which maximized results by bidding based on each keyword’s predicted revenue per click. eShakti said it has also started to see improvements in its Google shopping campaigns with click-through rates increasing by 16% and ROI increasing by 3.2% and rising.

“We have completely modernized our digital search and social advertising campaigns by deploying the power of Kenshoo’s automated bidding systems in the search space, while also working closely with the company to create efficient and targeted Facebook advertising programs,” said Abhik Saha, Senior Product Marketing Manager, eShakti.

A key benefit of implementing Kenshoo’s Infinity Suite was the streamlining of workflows, said eShakti.  On the social advertising side, the eShakti team could test copy and creative on Facebook with ease, using bulk management tools within the Kenshoo platform. The Kenshoo Personas tool helped the team save time with setting up campaigns in Facebook and gave them the ability to save and track the performance of various segments, while enhancing the Facebook relevancy score of ads.  

On the search side, eShakti used bulksheets for imports and mass changes from excel and Advanced Search to quickly and easily manage and automate specific bid changes in bulk for weekly promotions.

“We are delighted with the efficiency gains provided by Kenshoo and how they have allowed us to become more agile in our marketing execution. They have converted the search and social advertising campaigns we undertake into an important purchase funnel for the company,” said Abhik Saha, Senior Product Marketing Manager, eShakti.

Read the full case study here.

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