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ShopFá Leverages Kenshoo + Smart Bidding for Impressive Results

The Result of Kenshoo + Google Smart Bidding

17 %
18 %
Target ROAS
10 %
Cost Per Click

Driving Digital Advertising Performance

It’s no secret — optimizing Digital Marketing campaigns is no easy task. With the search landscape becoming more and more complex, and publisher tools becoming that much more sophisticated but often lacking cross-channel capabilities, the need for sophisticated 3rd party management tools has grown significantly. One Digital, an agency specializing in the digital consumer, found themselves in when Google launched Smart Bidding.

Kenshoo + Google for the Best Results

Google’s Smart Bidding provides marketers with a lot of automation impacted by insights and metrics hidden from the marketer. This is great for capturing opportunity on Google that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, but you’re not just managing campaigns on Google. How do you make sure budgets and performance are balanced in the most optimal way across all your marketing efforts while still capitalizing on opportunities provided by the publishers? To maximize results, One Digital used Kenshoo’s Budget Navigator—part of the Kenshoo Optimization suite—and is fully compatible with Google’s Smart Bidding feature. It’s no longer a question of Publisher Tools or 3rd party tools. Kenshoo plus Google are simply better together.

Double-Digit Increases in Performance Using Kenshoo

The One Digital team worked closely with Kenshoo’s Customer Success teams to ensure that they understood the best approach to use the power of Kenshoo Automation in conjunction with Google’s Smart Bidding. By using Kenshoo for their client, ShopFá, One Digital was able to achieve the efficient growth they sought out, with an increase in Revenue of 17%, a 10% decrease in CPC, and an 18% increase in Target ROAS, while also benefiting from a slight reduction in spend.

How Well Does Your Current Marketing Platform Work to Drive Return?

Do you feel like you’re missing out on something? Do you wish you could have results like this for your Marketing?  If you’d like to see what Kenshoo can do for you, please request a demo. 


  • Driving more efficient revenue growth


  • Kenshoo’s Budget Navigator + Google Smart Bidding


  • 17% Increase In Revenue
  • 18% Increase in Target ROAS
  • 10% Decrease in CPC

“Kenshoo’s bidding technology enabled us to not only beat our paid search shopping revenue targets but also reduce the amount of time spent on paid search each week!”

Fabio Kawaguchi, Media Manager - One Digital