About offline conversions

Facebook offline conversions enable you to track, measure, and optimize for events that happen in the real world as a result of your Facebook ads. Offline events can be any event that isn’t captured with the Facebook pixel, such as in-store purchases, over-the-phone bookings, and more.

Automate with Kenshoo

Kenshoo’s support for offline conversions enables you to schedule and automate the upload of your offline event data to Facebook. It also gives you the opportunity to optimize towards your offline conversions. This saves you the trouble of manually uploading your data, or having to depend on in-house developers to integrate with Facebook’s API.

How it Works

Once you’ve scheduled your offline data upload, Facebook matches your offline events with the people on Facebook who viewed or clicked your ads. Kenshoo’s new offline conversions grid shows you the number of events that were matched and attributed. In addition, you can view your offline attribution within Kenshoo’s performance grids, by using columns such as Purchase Offline or Lead Offline Conversion.

Here’s the workflow, in a nutshell:

  • 1. You schedule the automated upload of your offline events data file.

  • 2. When the file is uploaded, Kenshoo compares the columns in your file with the Facebook fields, and notifies you of any issues.

  • 3. Once any issues have been resolved, Kenshoo uploads your offline event set to Facebook, and shows it to you in the offline conversions grid.

  • Each time your file is updated, Kenshoo automatically uploads the new events to Facebook according to a schedule you define.

What you need to start tracking your offline conversions in Kenshoo:

  • An ad account to which you’ll assign the offline event data set.
  • An offline event data file in CSV format, containing regularly updated data and available on your SFTP server.
  • The file’s URL path on your SFTP server
  • Private customer data in your file must be hashed using the SHA256 algorithm. The data that must be hashed is: first name, last name, email, phone number, gender, date of birth, city, state, ZIP code, country, Apple Advertising ID, Android Advertising ID.
  • NOTE: All other data in your file must not be hashed.