• Make more informed decisions on your advertising campaigns with Kenshoo Ad Experiments

    Ad Experiments allows marketers to test aspects of their search campaigns and use data analytics in order to better understand current customer needs and behaviors. This solution supports testing on everything from bid strategies and targeting to ad copy and landing pages.
  • Test

    Set up tests quickly and easily within the Kenshoo Search platform
  • Learn

    Monitor & review results in a dashboard showing a daily breakdown and graphical view for all metrics
  • Take Action

    Make optimizations to improve search campaigns’ performance and increase ROI

Ad Experiments is a powerful test and learn solution that provides

  • Optimizations to custom metrics

    Connect any type of data to the test and receive results that allow you to measure and optimize towards your true north

  • Scale

    Test multiple campaigns at once for more conclusive results in a shorter time period

  • Rich visual reporting

    Easily interpret daily analytics, displayed in various chart and graphical views so decisions can be made quickly without lengthy data manipulations

  • Device-type tracking

    Compare results across desktop and mobile in order to inform device-oriented strategies

  • Control

    Set your own baseline, ramp up and testing periods. Exclude any dates during which anomalies may have occurred that could skew results

"Kenshoo Experiments has helped me efficiently monitor performance throughout tests. The dashboard is informative and easy to use, ensuring I can monitor the health of my experiment while it’s running, not just analyze the results."

Alexander King, Paid Search Analyst, Ovative Group

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