You know that coworker that starts listening to holiday tunes before you’re ready? They might be onto something. According to our 2016 E-Commerce Benchmark Report, 47% of polled global retailers kick off their holiday campaigns by November 1st.

If your advertising isn’t live yet, drop everything and make this your top priority!

Although the digital landscape is constantly evolving, reviewing your historical performance can shed light on which promotions worked best and what budget changes are necessary to support your desired volume.

Identifying these opportunities is the first step to seasonal success.

Once you have identified historical trends, incorporate these learnings into your bidding and budgeting strategies. Boosting bids on high-traffic keywords on key days or times of day can help you capture additional conversions.

A dayparting strategy can be automated in Kenshoo through Automated Actions so you don’t have to work around the clock over the holidays.

More people than ever are doing their holiday shopping “on the go” so make sure you’re reaching them wherever they are.

Invest more in mobile advertising opportunities and make sure your website (particularly your purchase path) is mobile-friendly.

Personalize your social ads with search intent to create a relevant, personalized experience in real time.

Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences enables you to target your highest value audiences by automatically creating and updating Facebook Custom Audiences with consumers who have shown interest in your brands or products through their search activity.

Since it’s the season for gift giving, every customer is likely to spend substantially more than your typical “non-holiday” customer.

Retarget your existing customer base with Dynamic Ads to increase your average order size and encourage them to check off all the items on their gift list.

Make sure your holiday promotions reach all of your customers, even those who have opted-out of your emails. Using Custom Audiences to upload your customer list to your social and search campaigns.

This is a finite audience, so be careful not to overwhelm them. Use it as a laser-targeted list for your best offers.

We all know that some of us wait till the last minute to finish up our holiday shopping. Be sure to reach these last-minute shoppers with local advertising.

Local Search and Facebook’s Local Awareness ads target shoppers within a mile of your store, highlighting promotions and driving foot traffic.

Take advantage of Google’s New Expanded Text Ads to tell a richer, more robust story. They are 2X bigger and the longer description allows you to share more about your product.

If you haven’t already switched, you can take advantage of Kenshoo’s Full Platform Support to make the migration easy.

Don’t oversaturate your audiences with stale creative. Use Kenshoo’s Automated Actions to pause ads that reach a set frequency. Also, filter by frequency and bulk refresh your creative on the ad level

Check out Kenshoo’s new Creative Manager as well to easily find, share, sequence and optimize your creative.

Use imagery and copy that embraces the Holiday season to capture your audience’s attention.

Focus on the universal themes of the Holidays, like gift-giving and family, to avoid excluding those who may not specifically celebrate Christmas.

Diversification of digital channels and ad types is critical to the success of your holiday advertising

In order to reach your customers throughout their shopping journey be sure to invest in a wide range of ad types and solutions across channels. Learn more about how advertisers are spending their holiday budgets in our 2016 E-Commerce Benchmark Report.